Blackjack Online - How to Play Like a Pro and Win

As one of the classic table games around, the game of blackjack online is a consistent crowd-drawer in top casinos.

Whether you are visiting a UK-focused casino or a gaming platform that caters to the needs of players from the Philippines, you will always find blackjack online. More than its widest availability, this classic card game is presented in different variants and table limits which also adds to its popularity. You can find its jackpot versions, live dealer variants, and other specialty games which help deliver the excitement to the players. More importantly, its universal appeal among players can be linked to its easy and friendly gameplay. The main objective of the blackjack Philippines game is to develop a hand with a value higher than the dealer without exceeding 21. If you go beyond 21, you lose.

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Yes, this game is fun, easy to play, and you can benefit from an online casino bonus, but it doesn’t mean that you should approach the table unprepared. Just like the other card games, this one requires some skills, knowledge of the rules, and some preparation. If you want to become successful in blackjack online, then you should pay attention to some playing tips, strategies, and other recommendations.

In this article, we take a look at some of the tested tips which can help you become successful in this game. And the collection of tips and ideas here is more helpful and relevant if you are just beginning to learn and play the game.

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Blackjack Online - Know the Basics of Hitting and Standing

In the basic rules of blackjack online, the cards have specific values. For example, cards from 2 to 10 assume their face values. Also, the face cards are assigned a value of 10. And the Ace in the deck of cards will either get a 1 or 11 depending on how you play the cards. At the start of the game, the dealer will assign you two cards. At this point in the game, you now need to make a decision- whether to hit or stand.

As a beginner in this game, you must know the difference between the two. Remember, this is not just a game of chance. It’s also a test of your decision-making skills. And one of the first decisions that you can make in blackjack online is deciding between hitting or standing. So what is the difference between these two decisions?

To hit your hand in blackjack means you want an extra card from the dealer. This is normally the option of the player who is not satisfied with the overall value of the hand. Once an extra card has been released, you need to decide whether you will hit again or stand using the updated hand total. To stand in blackjack means that you are happy with the first two cards assigned to you. Should you choose to ‘stand’, you are no longer allowed to change your decision.

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Why should you hit?

There’s an obvious reason why you should hit the blackjack table: you want to improve your hand. This should be the only reason why you will choose this decision. According to experts and regular players, you need a hand value of at least 18 to get a good shot of winning the game.

In short, your objective is to collect cards that will help you build a score of 19 or higher. One helpful strategy that you can use is to stand with a hand value of at least 17. You have a better chance of winning in blackjack online with this score. Choosing to hit in the table can result in a bust. Cards on the table can help push your hand value beyond 21.

Why should you stand?

There are two general reasons why you should stand in the game of blackjack. One, if you are sure that your current hand value will beat the dealer’s hand. And two, you want to stand if you think that the casino dealer will go bust. Consider these two reasons as the only valid motivations to stand in blackjack.

Making the Right Call

Before making a decision, you must assess the information available to you. In blackjack online what you can do is check your card and the upcard of the dealer. It’s also helpful if you have a running count of your hand and that of the dealer. From this information, you can decide whether to hit or stand. The process of making the right call is a difficult one and even experienced players have a hard time making the right judgment call in blackjack online.

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Other Tips to Keep in Mind When Playing in a Blackjack Online Casino

As mentioned, blackjack is a test not just of knowledge but of your decision-making skills. You need to have access to information to effectively decide whether you will hit or stand. Aside from this requirement, some general strategies and tips can guide your playing experience in a blackjack casino. Described below are some of these tips that can help you improve your chances when playing the blackjack card game.

Look for blackjack tables that offer ‘friendly stakes’ or betting requirements

Online blackjack is not just available in different variants, you will also find games in varying betting limits. Some blackjack online games accept a minimum bet of $1 to $10. If you want to increase the limit, you can also consider blackjack 21 tables that accept a minimum of $50 to $100.

And for the high rollers, there are games particularly the live blackjack games that ask for a minimum of $500 or more. In short, when you play, you will find different games with varying betting limits. As a new player, it’s best to check out first your options depending on your bankroll. Some casinos even allow players to play for free during off-peak hours!

Split your Aces and 8s

Splitting is another important decision in online blackjack real money games. When you split, you create two hands. If you find 2 Aces and 2 eights, we recommend that you split the hand to boost your chances.

Find a strategy and stick to it in every session

Whether it’s about bankroll management or a plan on when to hit, it’s highly recommended that you play your blackjack card using a strategy. With a strategy in place, you can avoid costly mistakes and protect your bankroll.

Identify a limit when playing blackjack online in real money

The limit here refers to the amount of money that you are willing to let go in a game session. As a new player, you can start with a bankroll of $50 or even $100. Once you have set the limit, make sure you stick with this. And when you start losing your game sessions, don’t chase your money. After you have spent your budget then you should learn how to end the day.

Play free blackjack

This is the best strategy that can be adapted by a beginner who wishes to become successful in the game. In the free demo version of blackjack online, you will be awarded free credits and you can use these to sample the game risk-free. During the free demo mode of the game, you can test your knowledge of the rules, particularly in hitting or standing. Also, the free demo version will allow you to test some strategies without worrying about your money. Mobile casino games variants of the Blackjack are also a way to enjoy the game.

What You Should Know About Surrender

Surrender is another important decision that you can make in blackjack online. This is the least used option by players. Although this is not a popular decision for many, it’s still important that you should know its definition and importance. Surrender is an option wherein the player takes the opportunity to give up their hand. In exchange for surrendering the hand, the player forfeits half his bet after the casino dealer verifies for a blackjack. If you decide to take this route, the casino dealer will get half the bet and the round is over.

Another option available for players is the early surrender. As the name suggests, you will give up your hand before the dealer will check for a blackjack. If you choose this decision, you can reduce the casino’s house edge. Surrender may seem like an attractive option but only a few players take this. Since this is an unpopular decision, many online casinos no longer offer this option. If you prefer to exercise this decision, then you need to research your casino options and find which online casino offers the surrender feature.

Do you want to learn about the basics of the game, popular strategies, and other casino games guide? If yes, then browse our website for more articles related to this game. We have separate guides for rules and strategies that you can use in a blackjack online casino.


Compared to other casino table games, learning Blackjack is easy.
Absolutely. However, it takes a lot of practicing, dedicating a decent part of your time, and being able to develop self-control.
You can put your worries to rest on this question. The only thing you should be aware of is the authenticity of the online casino you have chosen.