European Roulette - A “How-to” Guide For Philippino Players

European Roulette is increasingly popular with players in the Philippines. In this guide we'll look at how to play European roulette, and the important differences between the European and American games.

The game is described in this way to distinguish it from the American Roulette game version. It’s important to check which type you’re playing online because the odds are different in each game. Read on, to find out what the differences mean, and why they matter so much to the player. This fascinating game is available in online casinos as a video slot, or as a live stream, with a real dealer.

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European Roulette Table Layout

The online roulette table looks simple enough but can provide endless betting combinations and choices. The boards you see online are the same as those in regular casinos. The new player needs to recognize that there is an “outside” and an “inside” area. The inside area displays the numbers that are on the wheel. The outside area lets the player pick whether the winning number will be high or low. The player can also choose what block the number will fall into and whether the ball will land on black, red, odd, or even.

The choices may sound complicated but actually, the online roulette game is very easy to master. However, once you’ve learned the basics, there are endless betting combinations to play with. Some people simply stick to their lucky numbers and others develop complex playing strategies. So it’s very much a matter of choosing the style of play that an individual enjoys and feels comfortable with.

The player bets by electronically moving chips inside the square that contains their chosen number, colour or other option. It’s possible to combine bets by having chips on say, red and evens. But to begin with, it may be best to stick to simpler choices while learning the game.

European Roulette

European Roulette Wheel

As promised, here’s the inside information on why the European roulette version is a better choice for the customer. The answer lies in the slots on the wheel. The European wheel has numbers 1-36. As does the American wheel. So why the difference? The answer lies in the zeros. The European wheel has a slot marked zero. When the ball lands on zero, the house wins and all bets lose.

And the American wheel also has a slot marked zero, with the same effect - the house wins. The difference is that the American wheel also has another slot, marked “00”, double zero. So your chances of winning are lower - 1 in 38. Yet the payout is usually 35-1 on a single slot. So that’s a significant advantage for the casino, compared to the European roulette version.

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Basic Rules Of Play

There is a defined set of steps for players. First, they decide which numbers, ranges, or colors to back, Then they place their bets, usually by clicking or dragging chips. In live dealer roulette, the player must bet within a set time limit, after which the dealer will accept no more bets.

Once bets are placed, the wheel is spun. The ball is placed and comes to rest on a specific number and color. When the result is declared, the player can collect any winnings. In virtual and live instances, they’ll be added to your account.

European Roulette House Edge

The house edge is the amount that the casino makes on average when players lose their bet. This is 2.7%, or 1/37. However, bear in mind that this is a long-run average. So in any given session the house can win, or lose, far more - as can the player.

European Roulette Strategy

European Roulette Strategy To Win

Whole books have been written about strategy. People who understand the probability of numbers or colors coming up are able to construct complex rules to play by. Many others simply use their lucky numbers.

Some online casinos tell participants which numbers are “hot”. Hot numbers are currently coming up frequently, while “cold” ones aren’t appearing very often. Players choose strategies that suit their temperament. Some players like to win small amounts frequently and stick to broadly based bets such as “Evens”. Others prefer to wait for a larger win, and so they back individual numbers.

Online Roulette Demo & Free Games - Play For Free

It’s a great idea to watch the demos, and try the game for free. Many online casinos have a free play mode that you can access without signing up. You can get familiar with the table and the way the bets are placed, before wagering any real money. Be aware though, that the live-streamed version can be a lot faster than the video game version.

European Roulette Casino - Where To Play And Why

Some casinos that operate throughout Asia, such as Bet365, are not allowed to provide services in the Philippines, due to local laws. However, there are other casinos that can operate, and these include big players such as 888 Casino. This casino offers European roulette to Philippines participants, providing both video and live streaming experiences. It also offers great live roulette versions such as Lightning Roulette, Ruby Roulette, and others.

Video gameplay includes European, American, and French roulette variants - and by now players will be familiar with the important difference between these two versions.


These are the questions that Philippines players often ask about this game.

You can play live on your mobile, provided the casino offers the live roulette.
Hot numbers are in a spate of winning frequently. Cold numbers haven’t won for some time.
Most online casinos offer customers bonuses, specifically for casino games.