Guide on how to play roulette and the variants available

A significant percentage of Filipinos understand how to play roulette because the game is common in the region. It is one of the online games that are easy to learn and has exciting gameplay.

How to Play Roulette Online

Roulette is one of the most entertaining table games on the globe. Its simplicity and unpredictability are what managed to attract a significant following in the Philippines. Another thing that makes roulette interesting is the fact that it has a low house edge. That means the online casino doesn’t have a huge advantage over the player. This is not unless you’re playing American roulette. It tends to have a slightly higher house edge than the rest due to the double zeros.

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Before deciding to wager on online roulette, you need to understand the gameplay. It is the only way to stand a chance of winning. The game involves spinning the roulette wheel while predicting the ball’s landing place. But first, you have to make a prediction and stake some cash. The spinning of the wheel makes it harder to predict the slot where the ball is going to land.

The deliberation on what to stake should be comprehensive but quick. You’re then going to use the controls to stake the chips and point out the pocket. Doing so indicates how much you’re staking and on what outcome you are predicting. That is only when you can go ahead and spin the wheel.

Even though roulette is simple to play, it requires absolute concentration. You have to understand various things, including how to manage your bankroll. This is to avoid making significant and unexpected losses. You also have to know:

how to play roulette

The Basic Rules of Play

The most exciting thing about trying the roulette wheel online is that you don’t have to worry about complicated rules. The instructions are simple to grasp, observe, and apply during the gameplay. Before the game begins, operators are going to present a wheel to the players. The wheel comes with a total of 37 slots with alternating red and black colors. The first rule states that the player has to stake the amount he or she wants to bet. That is by selecting the chips that represent the stake and deciding which pocket they are likely to land.

You then spin the wheel and wait for the outcome, which can either be a win or a loss. For a loss, you can try another round. The number of times you spin the wheel depends on your bankroll. Those are so far the rules that online gamers have to know before trying the casino roulette.

Terms to know

Just like any other online casino game, roulette gamers also have to understand some terms. Some people may call it the roulette language. These are the most common words, and phrases that you’re going to hear while playing roulette. By knowing them, you get to understand what is going on at the table. The terms are a way of teaching players how to win at roulette. It is also a brilliant step in learning how to win in roulette in a real casino. The most common terms you should know while playing roulette include:

Biased numbers

It is a term used to indicate the numbers that usually occur more often on a roulette machine. That is usually after a long and comprehensive study of the wheel.

Visual wheel tracking

Tracking the wheel visually means you observe the wheel keenly. That is for you to come up with a correct prediction on where the ball is likely to land.

Double up betting system

The system of betting comes to play whenever a player losses the previous spin. He or she bets twice their bet to recover some of the money lost.

No action

There are instances you’re going to hear the phrase “no action.” That means the cancellation of all bets, and so there will be a repetition. During no action, you can change your bets.


These are the colored spaces on roulettes with distinct numbers. The ball usually lands on one of these spaces.

online roulette

Types of Bets

Online gamers who want to play roulette at casinos have to understand the kind of bets available. That is how they get to know how to stake and how much without making rookie mistakes. Lack of such crucial knowledge will indicate actions such as playing roulette blindly, something that can lead to significant losses. The most popular type of bets that a roulette enthusiast should know are:

Inside Bets

The inside bet is a bet type that covers numbers on the inside of the roulette table. In most cases, they are usually single numbers or only small group numbers. The advantage of inside bets is that they usually have high odds compared to most bet types.

Outside Bets

Roulette enthusiasts who want to stake outside the felt of the wheel go for outside bets. They are the direct opposite of inside bets, and that means they cover a larger section of the roulette. These odds are usually low compared to other types of bets.

Announced Bets

Another common bet type is the announced bet. It is the type of bet that involves a gamer announcing or calling out his or her bet. That is instead of placing chips on that particular spot on the table. Some people call this bet type, called bets.

Choose Which Variant to Play - Know the House Edge

Unlike most casino games, roulette enthusiasts can decide to play roulette on a wheel they deem fit. There are multiple variants available, and it’s up to players to pick which wheel they want to play roulette on. The type of roulette you choose should depend on the percentage of the house of edge it possesses. As described before, the house edge is the percentage indicating the advantage of the casino over the gamer. Table games have a house edge, and by understanding it better, you can easily pick the right roulette variant.

Note that roulette variants that have a lower house edge tend to pay out more. That is in comparison to variants that have a higher house edge. By going through the roulette variants below, you’re going to know which kinds have a high and low house edge. With this information, it is easy to avoid variants that give casinos more advantage over you. You should also know that the house of edge doesn’t change the gameplay. It only improves the chances of winning. For better understanding, here are the types of roulettes available today.


The European roulette is among the best versions to consider for anyone planning to play roulette online. That is because a considerable number of people find it to be more legit and easy to play. The roulette features a wheel that comes with a total of 37 pockets. These pockets contain numbers 0 to 36 randomly placed throughout the wheel. When it comes to the house of edge, the European variant tends to have a percentage of 2.7%. That is quite a small number more so if pitted it against other table games.

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Most, if not all, Filipino roulette fans have come across the American roulette wheel. It is one of the most common roulette online wheels in the gaming universe. The variant comes with a total of 38 pockets. That means the chance of an online gamer winning the game is 1/38. The reason for 38 pockets is because the wheel has not only a single 0 but also a 00 pocket.

All the numbers appear randomly, and that makes it hard to pinpoint the exact location the ball will stop. Any player who wants to play roulette should know that the American roulette has a house edge of 5.26%. That is quite a higher percentage compared to other variants, and that is why it often has a lower payout.


Another incredible variant of video roulette is the French roulette. The game became famous in casinos due to the French revolution. Most sites now offer the roulette to various Filipino gamers. It is more similar to the European variant. Both come with similar wheel appearance, and they also have a single zero pocket. There are, however, some simple rules that make French roulette distinct from the rest.

The first rule is la partage. It states the gamer gets to have half the wager back if the ball lands on the 0 pocket. The other rule is en prison. What the rule does is that it allows players to win back cash staked on outside bets. The only challenge is that the gamer has to land the ball on a zero. The French roulette’s house edge tends to vary depending on the player’s bets.

If you decide to stake on non-even money bets, you will have a 2.7% house of edge. But by staking on even money bets, the house edge reduces to 1.35%. That makes it a distinct type of roulette and also one of the most flexible games. When it comes to the French variant, for you to play roulette better, you have to understand some terms. Most of the words are in French, for instance, cheval, carr, and Colonne

Online Roulette Strategies

Perfect your game with Online Roulette Demo & Free Games

It is always a good idea for an amateur gamer who wants to try roulette casino games to learn first. The last thing you want is to practice on real money games in casinos unprepared. That is because you stand a chance to lose a lot in a bid to understand the gameplay. For you to save your bankroll, you should perfect your gaming skills with roulette poker demos and free roulettes. These demos allow you to enjoy real roulettes for free. Once you’re ready, you can go ahead and play roulette with real money.

Tips, Strategies & Systems

For you to stand any chance, you have to learn some tips and strategies for playing roulette. That is whether it is live or video. The first tip is to find a table that offers a small minimum bet and a higher maximum bet. That gives you a wide range of betting options. You should also opt for European or French roulettes. This is because the American is riskier, given that it comes with two pockets that contain zeros.

Another important tip is to always keep track of the previous scores. That usually makes it easier to predict the next outcome. The strategy is more helpful than betting on one pocket until a win occurs. Also, consider playing on sites that generate a random number. They are usually hard to scam a gamer. The other strategic way to play roulette is to take winnings as they come. Getting greedy often runs people into trouble.

With those tips and strategies, it is easier for you to maximize your winnings whenever you play roulette. The tips also help you manage your bankroll better, and that is what professional gamers do when playing the game.


Yes, it is legal to play roulette in the Philippines. The Filipino government allows the game in casinos since it generates revenue.
No, it is not necessary to download the software. You can access the sites using a browser. From which you can then login and play roulette whenever you want.
No, live roulettes games are fair. That is because legit casinos have licenses, and they tend to undergo scrutiny to ensure fairness.
Yes, you can play roulette on your mobile phone. That is among the reasons that make roulette exciting to play.